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Mission Statement


Bret Harte Union High School District Mission Statement

Preparing Today’s Student for Tomorrow’s World



The Bret Harte Union High School District is an educational community committed to providing all students a quality education with a multiple of learning opportunities in a safe and orderly environment fully equipped to teach 21st century skills. As a learning community, we strive to increase student achievement, to be responsive to community needs and to foster accountability for all.





  • All students can learn
  • Clear evidence that students are learning
  • Full access, inclusion, support and respect for diversityare afforded to all students
  • Students are assured they can learn in a clean, safe and healthy environment
  • Students have a viable post-secondary plan, leading to a productive adulthood
  • Innovations in student learning will be encouraged



  • The district actively seeks the best educators
  • Staff demonstrates instructional norms that support student learning
  • Staff supports high levels of achievement for all students
  • Stakeholders demonstrate mutual support and respect among their colleagues



  • Financial decisions will always have student learning as top priority
  • Be a responsible steward of existing resources while developing additional funding sources



  • Education will be a shared enterprise with the efforts of students, educators, board members, parents/guardians, community and business partners
  • Collaboration with feeder districts will occur
  • There is clear and continuous communication among all stakeholders, marked by respect and civility



  • Provide facilities that will meet current and future needs
  • Provide the parents/guardians and community with ongoing opportunities for input and open communication
  • Provide staff the necessary tools and opportunities for staff development to continuously maximize student learning